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Technics SA-350 synthesizer stereo receiver rescue attempt

This unit was in mint condition until the ******* shipping company took care of it! In this video I try to rescue it! Watch the vid if you want to see what happened to it!

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Samsung SyncMaster SA350 23'' Monitor

4evil2me : I just bought the 23" model for the 2ms response time (gaming) and I'm super happy with it! :D
MyGamerTV : Do you notice any auto contrast adjustment in Fifa 12? Like screen getting darker and brighter at points automatically in "Magic Angle Standing Mode"?
MyGamerTV : @revo655 Hmmm, mine is 24 inch so that's probably got something to do with it. I haven't noticed anything like that in other games but in Fifa 12 when playing in Sunny weather. I notice slight change in brightness when I long pass to another player vertically.
NiGGa FayDeD : for the game mode did you just seclect game mode on the magic bright or did you mess with the color and gamma too?
Animaxe : i love this monitor, i have it to. i connect him with hdmi =P

EKO SA350 TRIBUTE HOLLOWBODY SUNBURST - Test & Avis d'un client Woodbrass

Découvrez l'avis d'un client Woodbrass sur la guitare EKO SA350 TRIBUTE HOLLOWBODY SUNBURST !

Pour acheter la SA 350 TRIBUTE HOLLOWBODY SUNBURST, c'est par ici\u0026utm_medium=video\u0026utm_campaign=teester\u0026utm_term=355133

La Eko SA 350 est une guitare électrique « archtop hollowbody » reprenant les lignes intemporelles qui ont marqué nombre de générations de guitaristes depuis la fin des années 1950. Sa caisse fabriquée en tilleul est plus fine qu'une guitare jazz pleine standard, permettant un meilleur confort de jeu et moins de poids.

Vous aussi, devenez ambassadeur Woodbrass et testez gratuitement l'instrument de vos rêves :\u0026utm_medium=video\u0026utm_campaign=teester\u0026utm_term=avisclients

#EKO #SA350 #LesAvisClientWoodbrass




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