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hp pavilion m6 1002tx 1005tx full video review in hd

This video reviews the latest HP Pavilion M6 notebook.The model we have reviewed has 3rd Gen intel core i5-3210/6 GB DDR3 ram/750 GB/2 GB Graphics/Windows 7 Premium/ 15.6/1 year and is priced at 55,000 INR. It has beats audio and other features which are shown in the video.
KavinduWick : When you use it, does it get over-heated? How was the gaming experience and the battery life? I'm planing to buy one....
Suraj M : hey what about hp m6-1104tx?
it has 3rd geni5/8gb ram/1tb harddisk
which costs 2k more than dis lap
Aakash Mittal : plzz review hp envy j049tx laptop....Also suggest a gaming laptop for around 55k(max 60k)..mainly it should have a solid build quality and looks and also it should be able to last for 3 yaers minimum.
Rikin Shah : You should also include price..just a suggestion
Oracle : Hello Anand, I am planning to buy this.. Do you think its work 50k+ ... Wht abt the heat issue that all HP laptop is plagued wid?? how does this go abt when it come heat dispersing ....??

The last dance: Magico M6 and Constellation Audio

here is the final video of the mágico M6 with constellation Audio centaur monoblocks.
Jay's Audio Lab : This concludes my time with the M6 Magico. More coming your way. Big boy loudspeaker weighing far more than any other speaker I've owned. You don't want to miss this!
Chuck Martinez : Incredible clarity and definition! Very impressed with the pairing of the Magico and Constellation. By all accounts, a stunning presentation. A yet a tiny part of me admires the Magicos more than I love them. All that said, Jay you are beyond awesome:). Thank you!
Louis Perlman : While I may be in the minority, the M6/Constellation sounded the best of the M6 combinations to my ears (listening thru my speakers). The Essence had more upper midrange/lower treble than was ideal, and the Pass Labs was heading in the right direction. The sax here is incredible, I can hear the breath pushing the notes thru. Also, on the Sara K. track on the previous video, the soundstage was the widest yet.
Brian Sellden : Hi Jay - I've never been completely in love with the Magicos to be honest. But the combination with the Constellation amps changed my mind. Absolutely soaring highs. Also, the other amps with the M6's seemed to cause a sort of hardness in the highs at about the 1:40 mark in this track when the 2 voices started sining in harmony. Not at all the case here - Beautiful.
M Oran : Constellation amp is a waaaay better match, wonderful, many thanks Jay; Mike

Will PCIe x4 Cripple the Radeon 6500 XT? PCIe Bandwidth Test

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Video Index:
00:00 - Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
03:14 - Specs \u0026 Test System
04:40 - F1 2021
05:40 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
07:30 - Resident Evil Village
08:25 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
09:48 - Cyberpunk 2077
10:32 - Watch Dogs: Legion
11:44 - Assassin's Creed Valhalla
12:40 - Far Cry 6
14:25 - Horizon Zero Dawn
15:13 - DOOM Eternal
17:00 - Average fps
18:28 - Average 1% low
18:54 - Final Thoughts

Will PCIe x4 Cripple the Radeon 6500 XT? PCIe Bandwidth Test

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Music By: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
TheCgOrion : 4GB has no business being the full spec of any new card, that will inevitably be overpriced in 2022. The PCIE bandwidth limit is just more insult to injury.
Motion Picture Studio : Excellent work! You guys are covering topics other channels are ‘ignoring’ at the moment
WeNeedMoreFarads : I'm hoping you'll include some older polaris/pascal era GPUs in your full review, as lots of people seem to see a potential for a free upgrade there!
Moo Moo : Nice to see you guys looking out for the average gamer, thank you!
yadokari33tw : Interesting to know a higher amount of VRAM mitigates the perfomance hit.




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